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Saturday, 9/21 - Bottle and Can Drive - Meet at MB at 8:15 - Our biggest fundraiser - all teams
participate in this full-day event.  Please email Karen Socker at karen_socker@gmail.com.for questions. We hope you will come, have fun, work hard and meet some new people.  All girls have been assigned a team.  They should be coming up with a team name!  Send money for lunch.  We'll meet back at MB at the end of the day.  Wear your RED!


This is our biggest fundraiser of the year!  We need all hands on deck.  This is a good way to meet some new people and have some fun!

New this year! The cheerleaders will be doing a scavenger hunt throughout the day.  Prizes will be awarded!


The basics - 

All cheerleaders will be given a stack of flyers, a partner and a neighborhood/map.  They can hand them out together or split them up.  They need to be delivered by 9/13.

All cheerleaders will be collectors.  They will be assigned a car / team ahead of time and will spend the full day collecting cans/bottles in their assigned neighborhood(s).  There will be roughly 4 cheerleaders per car.  No one is to go into a house or knock on doors alone!!!


Parent Volunteers  We need you!  If you haven't given your role preference, please email Karen Socker at Karen_Socker@gmail.com.

Options -

Driver - We will need ~24 cars to cover the predefined areas.  You will either be driving a team of cheerleaders or a team of parents.  You will go house to house and then deposit the bottles/cans at a predetermined drop off location within your general area.

Transporter - Have a pickup or a trailer?  This role is picking up from the predefined drop off area and delivering the bottles/cans to Kan King.  In between transporting, you may also be asked to canvas additional neighborhoods picking up those left outside.

Collector - We will need some adults to go door to door given the size of the area and the number of cheerleaders.


We are planning to meet back at Martha Brown at the end of the day for snacks and prizes!!!  Details coming soon.