Sponsored By:   Betlem Residential
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  • All cheerleaders are required to participate in this event.
  • All parents are also required to voluinteer all day from 7:00 am to 4:30 PM to make this event a success. it is our largest fundraiser.
  • Parents can sign up to volunteer for available position the volunteer tab.

Please contact Kim Hagenbach with any questions regarding volunteer opportunties.


Poinsettia  Sales

  • All cheerleaders are requested to Holiday Poinsettias
  • Each cheerleader will earn money for their Nationals banks, to be held in reserve and used towards their Nationals trip.
  • In 2016-17 season we have several cheerleaders who earned enough to either pay for their whole portion of the trip or had to pay very little towards the trip.  So it is possible for your cheerleader to sell enough to off set your Nationals trip costs.
  • Please note if for some reason the cheerleader does not make the varsity team the funds will either be put in to their siblings Nationals bank or revert back to the team pool and used to off set team costs in the future.
  • You can volunteer to help sort and distribute orders on "Pick up Night" on the Volunteer tab.

Please contact Gina Pesce with any questions regarding the Poinsettia Fundraiser